Sudbury Town Twinning Association

Our French friends from Clermont spent a wonderful weekend here in May.
We visited Denmark in June, and Hoxter in September.

The Essex and Suffolk Joint Twinning Congress
will meet again in Felixstowe on October 14th. Do come along and show your support.

Advance news for 2018

Sudbury Twinners will be visiting Clermont L'Oise May 4th-8th 2018.
Danish Twinners from Fredensborg will visit Sudbury June 28th-July 2nd 2018 to celebrate 10 years of friendship.
German Twinners from Hoxter will be visiting Sudbury September 6th-10th 2018.

Our Sudbury Market Cake Stall in June was a great success. We made £134.35 for our funds. Many thanks to all those involved.

Cake Stall 2017







Sudbury Town Twinning Association and Brexit

Sudbury Town Twinning Association reiterates our commitment to the shared values of international friendship.
Sudbury's longstanding ties with Clermont, Höxter and Fredensborg, affirmed by civic charters between the towns, should in no way be diminished by the decision to leave the EU. We have always worked towards extending, not restricting, opportunities for the people of Sudbury.
We have celebrated 10 years of friendship with Denmark, and have already enjoyed over three decades twinning with Clermont and Höxter.

  • Sudbury Twinners enjoyed a warm welcome in Clermont-Oise in May 2016. Photo Gallery here
  • A photo gallery of our visit to Höxter in September 2015 is available here
  • A photo gallery of our visit to Fredensborg in June 2015 is available here
  • We celebrated 30 years of twinning with Clermont-Oise from April 30th-May 4th 2015. More than 60 visitors from France, Germany and Denmark came and enjoyed the varied programme of events. Click here to read about the weekend
  • We are now on facebook!

    We welcome members of all ages, faiths and backgrounds from Sudbury and its surrounding areas. We work actively with our friends in France, Germany and Denmark to expand mutual understandings and build lifetime friendships across international borders.

    Visitors of all ages from Clermont, Hõxter and Fredensborg are welcomed into our homes, and the hospitality is returned when we visit there. We always receive the warmest of welcomes. Languages are not a barrier to enjoyment, although an interest in learning another language is always appreciated.We are keen to encourage individuals, clubs and teams in the Sudbury area to participate in these opportunities. So if you are a member of a sports team, a music group or social club, why not contact us? We could put you in touch with like-minded French, German and Danish people and your group could soon be on its way in Europe. We are specially keen to encourage young people to experience life in our Twin Towns.


      Click here for the EU






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